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Why hello there, I didn’t see you come in. Welcome to my tumblr, GHOSTS ARE ASSHOLES. Here you will find everything and anything that interests me including, but not limited to: Frankenstein, catfights, surgical scars, kaiju, wrestling, the Universal monsters, scary rubber masks, horror films, cult films, Dr.Phibes, Boris Karloff, Psychotronic cinema, Vincent Price, Mr.Show, Pam Grier, maniacal laughter, Rosalba Neri, monkeys, 1/6 scale figures, mummies, mocking skeletons, sleazy movies, Hammer studios, gothic horror, sci-fi, softcore porn, some (not much) hardcore porn, giant robots, kitty cats, nerd girls, From Parts Unknown Magazine, Christa Faust books, non-fiction books, giallo films, Something Weird Video, Lucio Fulci, giant floating eyeballs, animation, anime, comics, manga, hentai, catfighting cuties, lucha libre, The Three Stooges, SLAYER!, Johnny Sokko, the undead, yeti/bigfoot, girls with glasses, vintage toys, videos of stupid people hurting themselves, Japanese pop culture, gore films, Benny Hill, Outer Limits, Paul Naschy, zombies, Romero, cannibals, toys, ladies suddenly stripped, Tex Avery, Peter Bagge, Dan Clowes, Love and Rockets (the comic), William Castle, giant rubber monsters, ninja girls, short girls, short girls in big boots, human brains transplanted into gorillas and/or robots, mad science, general perversion, spanking, sad eyed girls, nudie-girlie movies, T&A movies, vengeance from beyond the grave, spooky castles, dark and stormy nights, evil magicians, “In Search of…”, slasher films, blaxploitation, Zontar, heavy/thrash/death metal, The Aquabats, Polysics, Devo, funk, soul, crazy beats, animals that “talk”, pre-baby Leah Remini, Catholic High School Girls in Trouble, martial arts films, Patton Oswalt, big booty, Bigboote, Sarah Silverman, Human Giant, creepy caretakers, and more. So much more. WARNING: This site is for adults only and is NSFW. Thar be nekkid ladies here!