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nnaweb.org Contests & Awards

AMOS AND MCKINNEY AWARDS [http://www.nnaweb.org/amos-and-mckinney-awards] ((img|amosmckinney01t.jpg)) Recognized as one of the highest and most distinguished tributes in community journalism, the Amos and McKinney Awards are presented to a working or retired newspaperman and woman who have provided distinguished service and leadership to the community press and their community. NEWSPAPER AND EDUCATION CONTEST [http://www.nnaweb.org/newspaper-and-education-contest] ((img|nie01t.jpg)) The National Newspaper Association recognizes strong newspapers and strong educational programs go hand in hand. This award recognizes newspapers that have chosen an important civic literacy, journalism education or school support program and assisted in its success through use of the newspaper's various resources. BETTER NEWSPAPER CONTEST [http://www.nnaweb.org/better-newspaper-contest] ((img|womancoffee01t.jpg)) Each year, the National Newspaper Association honors the best in community journalism and advertising in the Better Newspaper Editorial Contest (BNEC) and Better Newspaper Advertising Contest (BNAC). Together, the BNEC and BNAC comprise the Better Newspaper Contest. Daniel M. Phillips Leadership Award ((img|phillips01t.jpg)) The National Newspaper Association established this award in 2007 to honor Daniel Morris “Dan” Phillips, an award-winning writer and photographer who passed away in 2005 at the age of 47.