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I'm a vicar so the church provides housing and I rent out m...ily home - will I owe CGT if I sell it? HEATHER ROGERS replies

As a vicar for the Church of England my housing is part of my stipend so our family home has been rented out for about 18 years. We are thinking about selling it and buying another home to retire...


Is it legal for my coffee shop to refuse cash and make me pay by card? Consumer lawyer DEAN DUNHAM answers

My local coffee shop has stopped accepting cash which is frustrating as I do not want to use a card for purchases only worth a few pounds. Isn't this illegal as cash is still legal tender?


Both flights on my round trip to Dublin were delayed for a total of three hours - am I entitled to any compensation?

My round trip from London Gatwick to Dublin Airport with Ryanair was delayed by a combined total of three hours if you take into account delays on the inbound flight and the outbound flight.