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Supplementaire Art & Fashion Journal

Supplementaire Art and Fashion Journal was founded in 2009. It’s aim was to be an independent art-house and fashion journal, and it succeeded. Amongst our pages, you’re likely to find a well-styled editorial next to a battered old polaroid story and its not uncommon to find naked girls and boys jumping off the pages. All in the name of art, of course. Anything to do with the out of ordinary or sub-cultures, and we’re there. “We aim to publish some of the worlds most formative and avant-garde fashion and art photographers and we’re keen to showcase lots of analogue work, as well as digital. But above all, to stay true to ART. We are not interested in top-end or over-retouched images at all. This is all about reaching out and being original. Art and Smoke also publish a sister-zine, called 62ND FLOOR ART-ZINE, which is dedicated to supporting analogue photography exclusively. This is also available in print and digital formats. Please note we do not accept submissions, but if you feel your work fits in with our aesthetic, then please get in touch with samples of your work and a bit about yourself.