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Maria del Camino

MARIA DEL CAMINO began with a 1959 El Camino and the unfulfilled promise of the flying car. With help of many friends over the course of many years, She was drilled with tens of thousands of holes, making what was left of the body more ephemeral and creating a pixelated image of the False Maria/Machine Man from the film Metropolis by Fritz Lang. Each year I strive to make a significant change in Her capabilities. The first year She was mounted to a hydraulic tracked excavator and crawled along at 2 mph. She debuted at Burning Man in 2010. The second year She was able to perform gymnastics like standing vertically and “flying” 9 feet above the earth. The third year, SuperTask #1, a ½ mile square GPS guided drawing was performed in deep playa. The fourth year She was able to be driven with a smart phone. This year, I have placed Her into deep storage, while I realize a new public artwork, “A Memorial to Free Speech” and client based work. I will still use the blog here for digressions into my other interests. Bruce Tomb: bt@brucetomb.com