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Patrick Jr.

Hello all, I’m Patrick Jr. The guy who creates random SFM Posters and you folks love them. I love creating posters, and I’m always up for a suggestion, You guys can even add me to steam if you all wish. I’ll accept anyone who adds me on here, I also follow back if you follow me. Personal info about me? I’m Male, 24 Years old and from the UK If you want to know more about me, just ask away! ♥ Love the work I do in SFM? you’re free to send me a donation, it all helps me in a long way *Clicking the button takes you to the donate page [http://grimtech.co.uk/donate] just to give you information to why you should donate and help me ♥ 0 QueuedGoogle+SFM WIP [New!]SFM Posters (DeviantART)SFM Posters (Facebook)Please read this before talking to meOfficially PatrickJr - Click the image to add me!


s&box Progress?

I decided to move all my s&box progress to a different blog so that you can check it out here https://sbox.grimtech.co.uk/ I’m aiming for monthly blog posts, but that may not be the case as oth...


Kenshi – Review

I started to play Kenshi after binge-watching Ambiguousamphibians’ Torsolo Series on the game, never really thought I’d enjoy it myself, so I purchased it and had a huge blast I know I’m la...


Flats Final

I think it’s time for me to finish my first map and call it completed, sb_flats was my first ever Source 2 Map created for s&box using Hammer 2, The full change log is here: 29/7/21 Optimized M...



About a few days after my post about sb_flats I gave it a much-needed upgrade. Here’s what I did Updated Skybox Updated Grass Added platform 4k Compile You can visit the map in s&box by typing ...