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Submissive Ginger

I’m 23, in college, speak English, French, some Gaelic, and live in NYC. I’m an Irish Ginger with strawberry blonde hair. blue/green eyes, and milky white skin. Sexually, I’m submissive, but I’m also kinda stubborn and feisty. I like to be mentally and physically dominated by a man, enjoy bare-bottom spankings, and rope bondage. I try to live my life with love, fun, adventure, and passion. I’m a Daddy’s Girl, always have been, and always will be. I can be sweet and innocent and cute and flirty one minute, and a dirty little whore the next. I’m all about the fuckery, and have been described as a sex-crazed nympho, but men love that, right? I am what I am. I need physical and emotional intensity in my life. Without it, I feel lonely and empty. I currently live with my Daddy, who is much older. He’s my Dom/Master who teaches and takes care of me, and disciplines me when I need it. CORRECTION: I recently lost my Master; things are in the process of ending, I suppose probably for the better. I’m thinking maybe I should walk around the streets of Manhattan with a sandwich board sign. Or put up a profile on the BDSM sites. “Cute submissive ginger girl, very girly, soft and feminine, nice warm smile, perfect straight teeth, broken heart, looking for new Master to teach and cherish her. I love all things white lace and pink. But sometimes black leather, fishnets, and boots. I’m submissive babygirl to my core and need a powerful daddy I can trust. He must have a strong hand, because I can sometimes be a handful. Need firm discipline, administered (always) with love. Gives amazing blowjobs, loves doing it. Five times a day if daddy lets me. Live to fall asleep with daddy’s cock in my mouth; just my quirky thing. Heavenly breasts (I’ve been told); all natural 36D, extremely sensitive nipples. I love to write; my MacPro is always with me. Pretty pussy, all ready and waxed smooth for daddy (or I got the fire red bush if daddy prefers; carpet matches the drapes), distended labia, prominent clit, gets dripping creamy wet at the slightest touch. I want to get my nipples pierced. And maybe my clit. Multi-orgasmic; my special gift from God. I’m vegetarian; the only meat that ever goes in my mouth must be attached to a man. Half-naked and barefoot all the time at home is fine with me; just keep the heat up for your little girl, please. I got the big sexy booty that all the boys want. But ass has been totally ruined by former Master who fucked it too much, but after a break from anal for a while, I think it should be ok (hopefully). I sometimes live at Starbucks or other coffeehouses. If you’re looking for a girl that came from a perfect family, I’m not that girl. Loves anything and everything about the fuckery. I can still count the number of men I’ve been with on seven hands, but I’ve only had one Master. I met him when I was really young, he’s the man who took all my cherries, but that’s a whole other story. Looking for a creative man experienced with all aspects of BDSM, even the wicked nasty stuff. Especially the wicked nasty stuff. I love my friends. I have a blog on tumblr where I post things that interest me. If I post it, I’ve either done it, or I’m interested and curious. Need a daddy who makes his rules and expectations clear, and enforces them. My former Master was Wall Street; I liked that. He traveled like 10-15 days a month; I hated that. I’m comfortable with a big cock; my former Master had a huge one. Okay, my first lie; I love a big cock, and I need one; small dick makes me sad. I like older masculine men, handsome, successful. Perfect age would be like 40-45. I love all people, and don’t discriminate. I’ve been with a few black men before. All good experiences. But I’ve never had a black daddy, though I’m open to the possibility. The more dominant the better. But smart natural dominant, not dumb pretend dominant. Nice body, healthy, of course. Young boys need not apply. I like well-dressed men; suits, tuxedos. And men who cum a lot. If you have a car and a driver, I’m loving that! New Master must be comfortable with my slutty whoreness, because I’m kinda like that. Can be taught to be satisfied with just one cock, but would rather not. Enjoy being shared as long as my Master keeps me safe. I’m mostly light and cheery, but I do have a dark side. Experience with women; I do love that. More, please! Warning: I might need daily spankings to keep my smart mouth and attitude in check. Experience getting the belt, leather strap, crop, whip, and cane. I’m a pain slut, but sometimes need to be tied down or I’ll try to get away. Have been known to stray/cheat if Master is gone for expended periods of time traveling. I might need extra severe discipline for that; but even better if you’re okay with my occasional whoreness. Prefer to stay in Manhattan, but possibly open to relocation. I love the mountains and the beach. Studying art history at Columbia; want to eventually get a masters in the subject. Dream job is to wort at the MET. Have done some crazy nasty things before; some I’m not proud of, some that I’d do again if given half the chance; some that must remain forever secret in polite company. If you already have a stone basement dungeon, I can be there in like an hour! Oh, and I love to fuck a lot. Like really a lot. I need it everyday. I get cranky and bitchy without cock.”