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Vintage for Victory

Hello I’m the owner of Vintage for Victory and I’m a bit weird. Some say I should have been twenty in the 1940’s, some say I’m the reincarnated spirit of Queen Victoria herself, some say I’m just a bit strange, my friends know me as the girl that makes stuff who has an unusual obsession with history. I’m not your usual twenty something girl, I like knitting, making vintage style clothes, cards, decorations and photo frames! I like old black and white movies and trips to museums…..particularly war museums…not because I am crazed violence lover but because I love the human story behind the machines. I like the fashion, I like the spirit of war time and I like the life message of making the best of what you’ve got and staying positive through terrible and trying times. I figure if they could do it in 1939 – 1945 with bombs dropping on their doorstep every night then why can’t we in this modern age? I lost my Nan very recently and she was a huge inspiration to me. She was born in 1915 and died at the very grand age of 96. She lived through two world wars, her father fought in the first and her husband in the second. She lived in London during the Blitz and even during the most difficult of times remained positive and never once complained about anything, especially when she was clearly in pain towards the end of her life. Her strength has given me strength.

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