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beware my fandom spam

WRITING COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN! [x] [x] [ ]Vanessa. 18. INFJ. Proud Canadian. First year Faculty of Arts student at University of British Columbia (UBC). You can follow my experience on #vanessa’s ubc adventures.Here is where I talk and reblog about lots of general animation (Disney, Dreamworks, Laika, etc), some video games, TV shows/movies, occasional Christian inspiration, and much more random stuff.I also have a small writing side blog where I store my fanfics, things that I write in various classes, and where I post commissions by request, so feel free to check it out through my link.There will be moments of obsessive reblogging if I’m really into a certain fandom at a particular moment, you have been warned.{{Also, I’m a part of my friend’s (cartoonheroinenamednikki) Neighbourhood AU where I’m the proud fictional adoptive mama of Mystery Twins Dipper and Mabel Pines and my url is adoptive-mama-vanessa. Basically, don’t hurt my twin babies.}}Obsessions ATM: Gravity Falls, WTNV, Wander Over Yonder, Inside Out, indie horror RPGs (Wadanohara and the Great Blue Sea, Forest of Drizzling Rain, Ib, Witch’s House, Mad Father, OFF, Crooked Man, etc.) and more