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C.J. Chivers. The New York Times Investigations Desk & The New York Times Magazine. Contributor to Esquire, Field & Stream, Popular Mechanics, Anglers Journal and Outdoor Life. PGP: AE4C E7EA F09E 0A2B C995 4659 30A3 E36D 949C 4FC1 Author of THE GUN, a social history of the AK-47 that examines the origins & proliferation of automatic arms, & their influence on war. Fishcatcher. Woodcutter. Small-scale farmer, working by hand. Butcher. Breeder. Briner. Boathand. Root-cellar fan. Former Marine. Wearer of earplugs, thanks to all the guns, aircraft and bang. (Not quite deaf as a nail.) Toggling between on and off the grid. Usually preferring off. Apprenticing, still. What happens here? Field reporting on conflict, tactics, insurgency and counterinsurgency, the arms trade and human rights. Behind scenes glimpses of work. Front-line forensics, battlefield paleontology, appreciative nods, mini-profiles, explanatory riffs. Pix. Tweets. Updates. Links. And occasional accounts of the other, better life.


An Era Ends.

Alice Mayhew, who edited both THE GUN and THE FIGHTERS, died today, leaving behind a list of accomplishments too lengthy to enumerate . She was a path-cutter – Our Body, Ourselves (!) and then ...