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LWN: Comments on "Atomic mode setting design overview, part 2"

This is a special feed containing comments posted to the individual LWN article titled "Atomic mode setting design overview, part 2".



Ah - so the locking discussed in the article is not to arbitrate between multiple threads changing modes concurrently, but between a single thread changing mode and other threads performing simp...



no, but that it has a single main loop for all displays, rather than one per display, is.. I suppose you could work around it w/ async modeset (although that seems to open up a different can o...



We used to do that.. remember when framerate dropped every 10sec when hotplug poll loop tried to see if the monitor was still there? Granted, we managed to fix that without going *as* fine-gra...



The locking sounds complicated, even when mostly hidden in the helper libraries. What use-cases require fine-grained locking for plane or mode changes, ie why isn't it reasonable to just creat...