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Rondane National Park II: Fine Art Landscape Photography of Seung Kye Lee

Photographs from Rondane National Park in Norway. Rondane Nasjonalpark was established December 1962 as the first national park in Norway. The park covers 963 km2 (372 square miles) and contains ten peaks above 2000 m./6560 ft. Within this park I have been touched so deeply, overwhelmed by the subarctic light and seen so many fascinating phenomenas of both geologic and biologic nature. Because of my experiences during hiking, skiing or ascending peaks, a large number of my photographs are personal impressions of Rondane Nasjonalpark throughout every season of the year. Places like Dørålen, Rondvassbu, Storesmeden, Kaldbekkbotn, Store Ula amongst many others are covered, but not completed, in these galleries. THE PORTFOLIO GALLERIES: Recent Work [http://www.leeseungkye.com/recentwork] Rondane National Park [http://www.leeseungkye.com/rondane-nasjonalpark-photos] Rondane National Park II Worlds Within Worlds [http://www.leeseungkye.com/nature-photos] Mountains and Landscapes [http://www.leeseungkye.com/mountains-and-landscapes-photos] Zen Shores [http://www.leeseungkye.com/zenshores] Through Closed Eyes [http://www.leeseungkye.com/intimate-landscapes-abstract-photography] (New!) Waterfalls [http://www.leeseungkye.com/waterfalls-photos] Monochrome Landscapes [http://www.leeseungkye.com/bw-landscapes-photos] Earth Energy [http://www.leeseungkye.com/earthenergy] Also, make sure to visit my BLOG [http://www.leeseungkye.com/blog], FACEBOOK PAGE [http://www.facebook.com/fineartlandscapephotographyofseungkyelee] and GOOGLE+ [https://plus.google.com/108909492433674629621?rel=author] for my latest work, news and writings on photography!