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Destroy All Slackers

Cast |Concept Art | Movie Quotes | Music | Posters “Kail and Spade are life-long best friends who, after a freak pizza bagel accident that burned down their house, move to Mushroom Hill, NJ, and start a band with their new group of friends in the pursuit of partying and meeting girls. Along the way they’re faced with new jobs, bitchy ex-girlfriends, douchebag frat boys, evil record producers, and a friendship breaking series of events. Gurlz, Lunch, and Money - I LOVE being a Slacker!” This production blog is maintained by the producers of Destroy All Slackers to document the production of the movie and give insight into what’s going on behind the scenes. We’ll be posting concept art, character designs, storyboards, soundbites, videos, and more through out production of the movie. We hope to use this Tumblr to create a community of fans who are excited about the movie and want to be involved. Follow us and we’ll follow you back! Written and Directed by Kris Kail. Art Design by Kat Fajardo. Website: DudeGurlz.com Twitter: @DudeGurlz Contact: kail@dudegurlz.com