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Food scientists create new edible nail polish that tastes like ribs, onions rings and blueberry pie

Australian food scientists have created a new edible nail polish that tastes like a full meal. The treat comes infused with flavours of smokey barbecue ribs and onion rings as well as classic blu...


Chef Louis Tikaram cooked for Justin Bieber and Stevie Wonder shares mistakes home cooks make

Australian top chef Louis Tikaram who has cooked for the likes of Justin Bieber and Stevie Wonder has shared his culinary secrets - and the unusual ingredient he adds to his spaghetti bolognese.


Manchester bar offers 2,000 calorie pizza topped with chips, curry sauce, sausages, and mushy peas

The snack is proving a hit at Crazy Pedro's bar in Manchester. The original plan was to have the pizza available on rotation but it became so popular that fans demanded it be a permanent fixture.