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San Francisco Burger Blog

In a town known for fog, sourdough bread and chocolate, a band of intrepid adventurers has decided to begin a trek through the city’s best joints to find red meat between two pieces of bread. The Burger Blog around the web:FacebookTwittere-mail: drieuxharmon@yahoo.comOur Mailing List The Burgers Thus Far:Pearl’s DeluxeBullsheadFlipper’sUrbun BurgerGott’sMo’s Grill Bill’s PlaceBurger HouseBurger BarBarney’sBig MouthRed’s Java HouseJoe’s Cable CarSea Breeze CafeAcme BurgerhausBurgermeisterRoam ArtisanPolker’s GourmetHoly GrillGanim’s MarketBistro BurgerHall of FlameSuper Duper BurgersDon Pisto’sUmami BurgerBelly BurgerCustom BurgerTower BurgerSmashburgerTryptychThe BurgerventurersDrew Drew is a sassy lad from the Hootenanny province of Eastern China. Born amidst the turmoil of Western Jazz and prohibition on grape soda, he moved to the Bay Area to pursue his dream of plastic flower arranging. Drew’s hobbies include rattlesnake handling, talking during Michael Bay movies and crying at disco parties. His astrological sign is Velociraptor. Chris Chris’ real name is Garrble VonBoofelwak, but he changed it after killing a man in the squared circle during a championship mixed-martial arts fight. Chris can also frequently be spotted as the silent tough backup man in action films, such as 1992’s classic tale of the late-19th Century leather trade, “Hellbent This,” starring Dolph Lundgren and a young Ronald Reagan. He has one day sworn vengeance upon Gargamel, so watch your back, jerk. James James is best known for his years in the smash Swedish pop group GropinFuhrer, notorious for hits like “Dancing,” “Dancin’ All Night” and their final single release, “One Woman Just Ain’t Enough, Honey.” Later, amidst a tumultuous divorce, James disappeared from the public eye, popping up only to release a series of childrens books under the alias Huggenstein Lickjack featuring the beloved character Chompy the Bear. James enjoys going out in public in Snuggies and collecting trading cards of his favorite dead kickboxers. Joe A ribald gent of boisturous nature, Joe is one of the most highly revered collectors of silk scarves in Northern California. Joe earned millions through his participation in a back-alley dice game in Havana while undergoing ninjitsu training for the Albanian government, and after numerous black ops in the hills of Nebraska has retired to a quiet life of solitude amongst other like-minded Death Metal fans in an encampment just East of Chico, California. He reminds each and every one of us that a dream is a wish your heart makes. George George is best described as Dame Judy Dent with a bigger beard and a greater knowledge of show tunes. He can be found at least 19 days a month entertaining the regulars at the infamous piano bar “The Sticky Keys” in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, where you can find 33 kinds of flavored brandy on tap. As a child he was a model for both Gerber Baby Food and the controversial 3rd incarnation of “The Little Rascals.” Nowadays he enjoys collecting stamps with unintentionally sexual themes and arguing with strangers. Leila Formerly known as Lincoln, Nebraska’s Queen of the Techno Beat, Leila gave up the hedonistic electro-punk lifestyle after tasting corn for the first time in 1977. She has since dedicated her life to letting people know about the dangers of clean towels, sexy poltergeists and improper chainsaw maintanence. She enjoys living in the Bay Area due to the easy access to sad hippies and ironic t-shirts, but hopes to one day relocate to a desolate area in Florida, because she enjoys the scent of angry burning hillbillies. She refuses to acknowledge her age, saying only that she was born in the Chinese year of the Platypus. Marci Marci is a steel town girl on a Saturday night, looking for the fight of her life. After seeing her Russian mob boss boyfriend murder a witness in her hometown of Walla Walla, Washington, she hid in a convent in the wilds of Canada, where she learned that the spirit of Buddha flows through her third eye. She also watched over a thousand episodes of The Price Is Right. After leaving the convent Marci participated in a series of high society jewel heists, taught an old miserly businessman how to love and led a gang of loveable losers to the championship in their regional hockey league. Marci joined the Burger Blog after realizing that with great power, comes great responsibility. Erica Born to two parents involved in community theater, Erica quickly found herself performing in roles such as “Baby” in a production of “Comin’ Home To Racistville!” or as “Young Person” in a revival of “Train Murder For Old People.” After being told by directors that her shins were too skinny to play old black women, Erica decided it was time to combine her two other loves: contemporary young adult fiction and the sport of high-jumping. Her novel “Vampires and Werewolves Make Out At the Track Meet” is being published next year, and in the meantime Erica is making room in her home for stacks and stacks of money, because teenagers are stupid. In Erica’s free time she enjoys spraying infants with cheap cologne, adding rap verses to Dolly Parton songs and shopping for colored adult diapers. She doesn’t need them, but if anybody ever asks her for an adult diaper in the color pink, she wants to be ready. Domingo After spending the first 44 years of his life moving from town to town, working as a “cooler” for rowdy bars and highway taverns filled with rootin’-tootin’ truck drivers, Domingo decided it was time to settle down somewhere near the ocean, where he could do early-morning tai chi while shirtless on the beach. Domingo spends his free time collecting classic Care Bears on eBay and farting inside the dressing rooms at Ed Hardy outlet stores. He also hopes to one day start a two-man electronic band where both members play keytars and sing about their favorite ramen restaurants. He says he hates cats but really loves them. Domingo’s favorite Ninja Turtle is Leonardo. Blogs We Like:Best Burger In SFThe HambloggerBurger BloggingHamburger AmericaBA’s Burger BlogBuy us a burger!