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You Thought You Were Alone

You aren’t the only one who’s obsessed with shitposts or cats or good people or insecurities or anxiety or doctor who or space or sherlock or gay things or harry potter or walk the moon or lord of the rings or books or of monsters and men or science or travelling or life is strange or movies or star wars or writing or depression or swearing or general equality or rocks or existential thinking or food or artsy things or music or anxiety or tumblrWARNING: this blog is as shitty as they come, prob because I am a socially awkward, obsessive, manipulative, annoying, show-offy, immature, depressed, anxious, self-conscious, overthinking, unsure pile of cat shit and band shirtsshe/her•panromantic quoisexual•cancer• ?nfpfollow my other shitty blogs, @mmrnmm, my art-ish sideblog, @sadanxiouswolves, my anxiety/gay shit/psych/equality etc. sideblog, and @baeofarcadia, my lis sideblog, and @ooooeeeooooeeeoooo, my music/bands sideblogTHIS CONCLUDES MY V LONG DESCRIPTIONTHANKYOU V V MUCH FOR READING IT ALL AND HAVE A GOOD DAY ILY