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Full Of Sith: Star Wars News, Discussions and Interviews

Full of Sith is a show dedicated to bringing the most interesting Star Wars conversations in the galaxy. Aside from breaking news in the world of Star Wars and interviews with some of the biggest names in the galaxy, we talk the philosophy and influence of Star Wars just as readily as the deep mythology it represents. Hosted by Tha Mike Pilot (Mediocre Show, Obviously Oblivious, The Awful Show), Bryan Young (Author, Filmmaker, Contributing Writer for StarWars.com), Bobby Roberts (Portland Mercury, Geek: Remixed) and often joined by Amy Ratcliffe (Contributing Writer for StarWars.com, Star Wars Insider, Nerdist) it's your mandatory dose of weekly Star Wars talk. * iTunes top 10 TV & Film | ** iTunes New & Notable | *** iTunes Featured Podcast

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Rumor Control 07

In honor of the three millionth rumor about the Original Theatrical Versions of Star Wars finally getting released on home video, RUMOR CONTROL returns, to attempt tackling the LAST 20 YEARS of m...


Rumor Control 06

So, about all those Rogue One reshoot rumors... this is the story behind a Star Wars story that became, in and of itself, a real Star Wars Story. Welcome to a week in the life of a single rumor a...


Episode CXXVIII: D23

Amy brings a first hand report from Disney's D23 Star Wars offerings to Bobby, Bryan, and Mike. But before they got into that, they discussed the Entertainment Weekly reports from Anthony Breznic...


Rumor Control 05

If certain outlets are to be believed, this episode of Rumor Control contains roughly 90% of the story to The Force Awakens. 90% is a pretty good number. But it's that pesky 10% that might end up...


Rumor Control 04

This episode of Rumor Control is CHOCK FULL OF SPOILERS so don't say you weren't warned before you go traipsing through this particular minefield and end up getting your SOCKS ROCKED OFF by juicy...


Rumor Control 03

This is an episode about things you thought you knew about The Force Awakens, but you didn't really know until now, when you'll DEFINITELY know them, although that could change between now and De...


Rumor Control 02

This episode of Rumor Control features at least ONE guaranteed fact in it. You probably already know what that fact is, too - but where that one fact might lead you, listener? THAT'S something al...


Rumor Control 01

Welcome to the point of no return. The rumors have been flying fast and furious up 'til now, but this week, we're possbly venturing beyond the red line. If you want to stay spoiler-free? DO NOT C...


Episode XXXVII: Kenobi

Episode XXXVII: Kenobi

Mike, Bryan, and Consetta are joined by special guests John Jackson Miller, author of Kenobi, and James Arnold Taylor, voice of Obi-wan Kenobi. Together, they talk about the book and the journey ...