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Ramblings and Things

My name is Viv and I’m a rookie Graphic Designer / Illustrator who lives in Australia. I love blogging about TV and Movies, plus life in Australia and general funny stuff! Sometimes I make masterposts that end up on Buzzfeed. I also have an art blog called VivDrawsThings! Popular Masterposts: -Australians on Tumblr -Let’s Talk About Sex -Tumblr on Periods Popular tags: -Straya (funny Aussie stuff) -Funny -Feminism -LGBT -Talented Artists -Tutorial (Art tutorials) -Representation -Best Movie Ever -Audio Post -Life Lessons Shows I love: -Avatar: The Last Airbender -Legend of Korra -Sherlock -Game of Thrones -Breaking Bad -Better Call Saul -The Simpsons (90s) -Hannibal -Welcome to Night Vale -Doctor Who -Downton Abbey -Over The Garden Wall -Gravity Falls -Steven Universe -Mad Men