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Comments on: Did Joyce teach unplugged as an EFL teacher in Trieste or Yssel entertaining and talking at his students the Limatt to what he did?

From teaching and learning as "work" to teaching and learning as "life" from the third floor of that yellow building in the shadow of Elizabeth Bridge and the castle in Budapest! "As I sat on the bottom step of the wharf, A melon-rind flowed by with the current; Wrapped in my fate I hardly heard the chatter of the surface, while the deep was silent. As if my own heart had opened its gate: The Danube was turbulent, wise and great. A rakodópart alsó kövén ültem, néztem, hogy úszik el a dinnyehéj. Alig hallottam, sorsomba merülten, hogy fecseg a felszin, hallgat a mély. Mintha szivemből folyt volna tova, zavaros, bölcs és nagy volt a Duna." József Attila