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MOVING BLOGS ➡️ FOLLOW http://charlottewinslow.tumblr.com/ 😍 ➡️ charlottewinslow.com ⬅️for my ebooks & One Month Makeover😍INSTAGRAM @charlottewinslow Progress Pics from the 1MM 😱 😍 My Personal Progress 💗 Submit Your Progress From The 1MM Here ⬅️ charlotte. canada. 19. fitness/health/beauty. strength training + cardio. aspiring singer/songwriter/guitarist. ❤️twitter: @charwinslow Home. Ask. FAQ. Instagram. Me. YouTube. Twitter. Blog Roll.For business inquiries email me at charlottewinslowbusiness@gmail.com Disclaimer: The only pictures of me are tagged with ‘me’ and 'progress’, otherwise all the uploads and all of the tags on those uploads on my blog are automatically uploaded from WeHeartIt tags and I do not know the sources. If you see a photo of you on here, I encourage you to kindly message me with the URL and I will source you and/or delete it, depending on what you wish. :) I am also not a personal trainer or nutritionist, all advice and information provided is based on personal experience, knowledge from articles and studies, and common sense and is for entertainment purposes. #recipes #couples fitspo #friends fitspo #male fitspo #poc fitspo