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A Very Nerdy Nerd

I am twenty six years young, a comic book nerd, an anime fan, a bookworm, a television fan, queer, demisexual, a feminist, anti-capitalist, Jewish (Ashkanazi), a New Yorker, and quite unabashedly me. Hello I’m Jaime. Pleased to meet you. (or know you in real life, or whatever) My pronouns are they/them/their. Please respect that. Thank you! Apparently I am Cutes Patoots *nods* According to my friend @captainjanegay I am: “so gay that it just spills over to everything around you. You’re like a gay singularity. A singaylarity.” I’m in the second year of working on my Masters in Social Work, specializing in Community Organizing Planning and Development. I also hold a Masters in Jewish Studies. Occasionally I go off on rants on matters relating to that, so errr… be on the look out for those? Note: This blog contains posts both nerdy (anime, comic books etc) and political in nature. Occasionally there may be sexually explicit images. I also post A LOT daily. As in my queue is set to 50 posts a day and I post often outside of that as well. If I ever do or say anything triggering or oppressive in any way PLEASE call me on it. The last thing I ever want is to upset or marginalize anyone, and if I need to check myself I want to know so I can take the steps needed to better educate myself and correct my behavior. Thank you.