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~The Hottest Coffee Around~

Cum one, cum all, this is hentai heaven! (18+) Hello everyone ! I’m the new mod of this blog, great friend of the original one, who decided giving it to me on the 23rd of June (2015) because of his lack of activity. Previous mod’s kik is: “godotthecoffee” and if you want to know anything or my own kik just message me! I ALSO TAKE REQUESTS! I want to respect original mod’s blacklist so do not request: Loli/Shota/Gay/Furry/Gore/Torture/Urine/Blood. I’ll post 10 pics on special occasions too! ;) Monday Comic Madness rules will stay the same: Ask me to post a certain comic or a comic of a series of your choice. I’ll tell you when it’ll be posted. HAPPY FAPPING!