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A fantasy webcomic by Angelica Maria (aka charmwitch)


Update 6/8/2019

It’s been a while! Sorry to everyone, I have been working on replacing my equipment and working through burnout. I will continue to work on Solstoria, but it may be at a slower pace. My life ha...


Update 08/23

Hey all! Enjoy this mid-chapter illustration! I’m trying to sketch a bit more so I can get Huxley down a bit better, but I drew some good kids to make up for it!! Thanks for checking in! :>


Update 08/09

Page 240! Hey all, sorry about the late update. Last week, we were evacuated from our home when a fire spread through my apartment complex. Thankfully, my apartment only had a bit of smoke, but n...


Update 07/25

Somewhere, a Bone Witch’s ears have twitched, she can smell the foul sent of the weird, wanted man who likes to break into her graveyards. But no! She will not allow it! Wherever he is, she wil...