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Eva Pohler Books

Amazon best-selling author Eva Pohler writes two types of stories: urban fantasy, peopled with the gods of Greek mythology, and nail-biting suspense. Both types feature compelling characters faced with seemingly impossible situations that push them to either man up or die. Her books include The Gatekeeper’s Saga, The Vampires of Athens Series, The Purgatorium Series, and The Mystery Book Collection. Find free downloads and purchase links at Eva Pohler Books. Keep up with the latest releases by Eva Pohler:  The Pohler Express The Gatekeeper’s Saga is a six-book action adventure series about a teen whose life becomes entangled with the gods of Mount Olympus when one of them falls in love with her. Thanatos, the god of death, wants his chance at love. Some gods favor his choice and give her gifts. Others try to kill her. A vampire bite will infect the body for six hours, and, during that time, the mortal has the powers of flight, invisibility, strength, speed, x-ray vision, and mind control. Seventeen-year-old Gertie, studying abroad from New York, uncovers the unfathomable secrets of this ancient city and unwittingly becomes a catalyst in an uprising led by Dionysus, the god of wine and lord of the vampires. Experimental psychologist Dr. Hortense Gray, saves lives, but first she terrifies the hell out of them. Seventeen year-old Daphne's best friend takes her to a mostly uninhabited island with a wildlife preserve on one side and Chumash Indian ruins on the “haunted” side. At first she finds the therapeutic games thrilling, but when her horse bucks her off during a trail ride and she becomes lost on the haunted side of the island, it’s not fun anymore, and she wonders if her parents have sent her there to help her or to punish her. The Mystery Box tells the story of soccer mom Yvette Palmer, who lives an ordinary life in San Antonio, Texas, when a box is delivered to her by mistake, and in taking it to its rightful owner—a crotchety neighbor named Mona who shares her back fence—is lured into a strange and haunting tale. As Yvette listens to her neighbor’s story, she discovers a shocking connection, but doesn’t know whether Mona’s come to help or to harm her and her family. The Mystery Tomb: Meet Samantha Beck and Rebecca Nisha—two women born twenty-five years and hundreds of miles apart, yet joined together by a shocking family ritual. When Samantha discovers the remains of an ancient tribe in Pennsylvania, she expects to at last prove her grandmother’s Native American ancestry and to make a name for herself as a budding archaeologist. She does not expect to make an enemy and a lover of a fellow descendant—son of Rebecca Nisha—who unwittingly wears a necklace made of his dead mother’s bones.  Samantha gradually uncovers a troubling secret and decides to risk everything—love and career—to restore harmony to Rebecca’s family.

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