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Feministing For Change!

#BlackLivesMatter #NotInMyName Come along with me on this critical feminist journey in support of intersectionality! I’m a 31 yr/o, white, Canadian, pro-intersectional, critical feminist and PhD student blogging about feminism, risk society, rape culture, slut shaming, racism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, heterosexism, and much more. Obviously, there is a permanent trigger warning for this blog. My privileges are: white, higher education (doing phd), cisgender, heterosexual, grew up lower-middle-class (but am now poor af), skinny (grew up chubby tho, am only skinny bc of poor health), and am considered “pretty”. Some things making my life extremely difficult rn are generalized anxiety disorder (GAD), social anxieties, major depressive disorder, fibromyalgia, and interstitial cystitis (IC). I’m also sugar intolerant, neurodivergent, and disabled so disability, chronic illness, pain, and other spoonie stuff are common topics here. My bio, thoughts and things, personal stuff, tags, and q+a’s can be found below. Ask and submit are always open (top), and my pronouns are she/her. Pls note too that a reblog does not necessarily mean I support/like it. Follow me here, twitter, & Facebook (links below) to be kept up to date. For a pick-me-up, check out my casual side-blog “iamboredletmentertainyou”.Artwork in my Indiegogo campaign below from https://www.etsy.com/shop/thejoyfulfox Amazon.com Widgets