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Muskelimiehet 2 - Hunks and musclemen 2

This my second horny blog contains NSFW material. You are assumed to be 18+ as are any men depicted in any pictures posted. If you are not 18+ please leave. The majority of these pictures are reblogged and not mine. This blog is for all anti-militaristic gay men from all over the world. This blog is also dedicated for hunks and musclemen praising homosexuality and man-to-man friendships. Please see also my first blog at the website: http://muskelimiehet.tumblr.com You can also find me from Twitter: https://twitter.com/muskelimies All fundamentalists and backbench conservatives, keep away from this website. Nyt on alkujorinat pidetty. Tervetuloa blogiini! Homomiehet, blogini on teille.