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JELLYWEEK IS A GLOCAL COLLABORATION EVENT. JELLIES are temporary local collaboration events free of charge for coworkers of all kinds. During the JELLYWEEK they took place 2011 all over Europe and 2012 and 2013 globally. Coworking, entrepreneur, changemaker, techie, innovation and other problem-solving networks were invited to organize a local event and to communicate, collaborate and create new partnerships and action on the global level. More WORLDWIDE JELLYWEEK 201314 to 20 january 2013255 hosts in 44 countriesWORLDWIDE JELLYWEEK 201216 to 22 january 2012226 hosts in 35 countriesEUROPEAN JELLYWEEK 201117 to 23 january 201145 hosts in 12 countries CONTACTAnni Roolf world@jellyweek.org facebook groupfacebook fanpagegoogle+twitter#jellyweek tweets