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Sometimes NSFW. Current motto: Life should be NC-17 rated. And come with a soundtrack by Two Steps from Hell. Current obsessions: Merlin/Merthur, Supernatural/Destiel/Sabriel, Mass Effect/mshenko, Dragon Age. Hosting themed online Cards Against Humanity games every Sabriel Sunday! Join us! Topics on this blog include, among others: slash (lots and lots of it, all kinds of it), fandom stuff, nerd stuff, feminism, equality, nsfw pictures, fanfic recs, depression, mental illness issues, german peculiarities. Original content: posts, headcanons and fanfiction, photo sets and photoshop edits. Tags are an artform and valid communication. My askbox is always open, talk to me! My fanfics on AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/users/Alessariel/ My art on deviantart: http://alessariel.deviantart.com

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