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I'm A Multifandom Mess

Do you desire some Life Ruiners? Some fandoms? Some humor? I have the HQ gifs, posts, and photos you seek. My name is Kathy and I run a blog. I’m full of sass and emotion. I’m 24, a tutor/teacher at a school you’ve never heard of, and I’m on the most common mission: a mission seeking peace. Preferably away from my folks. FAQ - Regarding blog content - I swear. A lot. I apologize in advance for this. This is technically a personal blog, so I put a lot of stuff regarding my life and mental health in it. You can see a tag list below. I recommend installing “Tumblr Savior” if you don’t want to see some of my tags. Add those tags to your blacklist. I mainly post FANDOM, LIFERUINERS (I used to be a Hiddleston blog so I have a separate page for him), KITTENS/PUPPIES, FASHION (usually couture) and JOKES. Absolutely no porn or erotica, sorry. Regarding tags - My personal tags are going to be “miscellaneous,” “multifandomtextpost.” Hiddleston posts are going to be “hqhiddleston.” Liferuiners are “hqliferuiners.” Actresses/Fem Singers are “hqamazingwomen.” Marvel related stuff “hqmarvel.” LOTR, Hobbit, and Tolkien related posts “hqtolkien.” Doctor Who is “hqdoctorwho.” Sherlock is “hqsherlock.” Harry Potter is “hqharrypotter.” Crossovers are “hqcrossovers.” Fashion is “hqfashion.” Any potentially triggering posts will be tagged “trigger warning” or “tw: [insert trigger here].” I tag feminist posts as well. Spoilers are tagged accordingly. I am an obsessive tagger. Congratulations–you have found one of those bloggers that tag just about EVERYTHING. I have a few more, but those are the main ones. Regarding sexuality - Whatever floats your boat; I have no qualms about it. Don’t expect me to willingly share my sexual orientation though. What I will say is that I consider myself attracted to gender fluidity. Regarding mental health - I, like almost everyone, have issues. I have major depression coupled with a few manic episodes (near cyclothemic) when stressors arise. I also have a severe anxiety disorder. My mother is a clinically invisible BPD sufferer, and my sister has either ADHD or manic depression (bipolar remains undiagnosed at the present), so dealing with that can be difficult and every now and again, typically during the holidays, I will blog about it. Everything will be tagged with trigger warnings if it’s bad enough. Regarding asks - any asks are welcome at all times! I will answer when I can. Regarding anons - I have a rule regarding anons. If I get anon hate, fine. I’ll answer the anon hate. If I get three asks of anon hate in a row, shows over–I block the anon or anons making the hate. I’ll refuse to answer anymore hate and let it pile up in my ask box.

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