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miss molly 🍭

❗I DO NOT ANSWER FAN MAIL❗ 🎀Pastel/Little Space👶 Molly/21(or 3)/taken/demisexual/kinsey scale 2/scorpio/Pagan/ABDL/DDLG/Brat/omorashi/NorCal 🍬🍦🍩🍪🍫 Jellyfish/Coraline/Mary Jane/MLP/Adventure Time/Ruby Gloom/xbox 360/ratties I 💜 my big sissy princess-sweetpea0x. :3 My blog is mostly SFW, though it’s marked NSFW just in case. I don’t post any nudes of myself without censoring, I have a separate blog for nudes that’s password protected. You can gain access to it by buying me something from my amazon wish list, or sending me a $10 gift card via giftrocket to (circle93@hotmail. com)💋💋💋(contact me here if there are any questions or you need links.)

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