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Brain Organoid Study Highlights Potential Role of Genetic and Environmental Interaction in Autism Spectrum Disorder

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have shown in a brain organoid study that exposure to a common pesticide synergizes with a frequent autism-linked gene mutation.


Report: Analysis of Baltimore City’s Urban Farms and Gardens Finds Safe Levels of Metals at Vast Majority of Sites

A new report that examined soil, water, and produce from urban farms and gardens in Baltimore City found low levels of lead and other metals that pose no reason for concern at the majority of gro...


Statement from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School and the Institute for Global Tobacco Control on a Ban on Menthol Cigarettes

We welcome and support the FDA’s plan to ban menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars announced this week. This action is an important step in preventing deaths, improving health outcomes, and ad...