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Never Trust A Communist....And That Is What Democrats Have ...e...First Biden/Harris Press Conference Is Packed Full Of Lies

The Democrat Party has gone full-communist. One thing anyone who used to live in a communist country will tell you is you cannot trust a communist government. This is why they take over all of th...


Have we ever in history considered voting a person in for president when there are concerns about their mental health?

It seems unfathomable to me that we may knowingly elect a man to the presidency who is quite clearly in a mental decline. He can't string together very many sentences without a script, and even t...


US Has Almost 30 Times More COVID-19 Deaths per Population ...ird-World Countries that Promoted Early Hydroxychloroquine Use

The Dims blame Trump for the virus, but who is really responsible for people dying? JAIL FAUCI: US Has Almost 30 Times More COVID-19 Deaths per Population than Third-World Countries that Promot...