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teen life

I love what I do! I never want to grow up! One day I will be famous! I believe in “pay it forward” and use it regularly I love when people look at me. In true love once got my hopes up once Heart broken once I have some really good friends that I love to hang out with. I’m shy when I first meet people, but that’ll change once I get to know you. I love to drive. It is the best time to just think, talk, or jam out to some music! This is the best time of my life. It’s definitely the time to figure out who I am, figure out what I believe in, what I want to do with my life, and where I want to go. I like to get dressed up and look clean and smell good. I’m extremely forgiving, sometimes too much. I’m really ambitious, and goal oriented. For example I Own Gate City ATA Martial Arts, and Extreme Sound Productions mobile DJ, I’m also the Manager of Allstar Athletics, and I’m attending ISU for a business major. What’s work without fun though so I’m also a 3rd degree black belt, level 4 gymnasts, and I own 2 vehicles. my friends describe me as a person who enjoys the little things in life, not really too stuck up, down to earth, super hot, and still kinda a kid on the inside. I love the water, mostly the ocean. I have this dream allot that I live on a beach house and I’m watching a amazing sunset from my hammock with someone else, and everything is peaceful. I don’t bite…send a message and say hi. ~*drama-free is the way to be*~