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Welcome to I Love Daffodils

WELCOME TO A WEB SITE INSPIRED BY THE I HATE DAFFODILS [http://www.ihatedaffodils.org.uk/] MOVEMENT HERE IN THE UK. I Love Daffodils is a site dedicated to the wonderful Daffodil. A flower so pretty and versatile that I think the more we see, the better! I look at daffodils of all kinds and smile.  For me, Daffodils are the perfect flower because: They are gorgeous to look at Come in all shapes, colours & sizes Are hardy - even I've managed to grow some despite a grey-squirrel attack on their bulbs You can buy a bunch of cut daffodils for a £1 - excellent value for money to bring a burst of sunshine into your home And planted daffodils come back year after year - they are the flower that just keeps on giving I appreciate the arguments for woodlands and the countryside, but think roundabouts and verges are the perfect places to cheer people up on what can be a gloomy commute to work. Thanks for visiting! Alex Kent Brighton UK If you like Daffodils CONTACT US [http://ilovedaffodils.com/contact/] to be added to this list: Claire Kenyon [http://muddyaccountant.com/], Brighton UK - "I like daffodils because they herald the beginning of Spring and it's going to start getting warmer!" Silvia Hartmann [http://silviahartmann.com/], "I like daffodils because they're like little golden stars and look happy." Eastbourne UK Aimée Thacker, Brighton UK - "I like daffodils because they are a like little balls of sunshine!" Terry Lynch, New Jersey, USA - "I LOVE Daffodils! I love daffodils because they bring such joy to our countryside and herald spring when other flowers become dessert to the local deer and rabbits. They have such power through their energy field that the big powerful bucks and deer turn away! The only flower in our area that can do that! Leaving sunlight patches of yellow scattered throughout...WOW!!!!" Kim Bradley [http://www.emotionalfreedom-training.co.uk/], UK - "When I see the Golden Heads of Daffodils poking up through the ground I immediately get a lift from it.  I feel a Spring in my step, I feel that the warmth of spring sun is only a footstep away.  Even the miniature daffs give me a smile as their tiny flower heads sneak up only just a few inches high.  I feel like my energy is coming out of hibernation and time for wonderful new things to excite me this year!"

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