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this blog was created to celebrate the best and most tragically inactive musical group/comedy collective this side of ann arbor: TALLY HALL! if you, too, can recite the “natural ketchup” sketch by heart and are stricken with intense emotion at the very sound of the opening harmonies of “good day,” then tallyhallofshame is the place for you. welcome, friend.here you will find music, videos, fanart, gif sets, and lots and lots of nonsensical text posts, all relating to your five favorite dudes in matching ties (and bora. always bora). if you have anything you want to share— memories, concert photos, rare mp3s and videos, etc— please feel free to hit up my submit box or email me!DISCLAIMER: if you are a tally hall member or affiliate and are reading this blog, well, i’d say i’m sorry but i’m definitely not. ;D you guys rock and i hope you’re having a very nice day!!!!!!