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Farm-raised, grass-fed, all-natural Homo

Limes of death. ~~~ Animation Major (Junior) at MICA 20/demisexual/demigirl any pronoun is fine body, a, a:hover { cursor:url(http://media.tumblr.com/1979dc685c0a29638ddb406ef962e19e/tumblr_inline_mglcr2K82D1qkezse.png), auto }~~~ Art Blog Twitter Ask This Particular Eridan (my askblog) ~~~ This is my personal (fandom?) blog where I do what I feel like, which may include some serial reblogs or unpleasant interactions. Apologies. But I also post my art/animations sometimes! If you’d rather only see those, please follow my art blog instead (link above). Fan of: ~Undertale (particularly Sans) ~Homestuck (particularly Eridan) ~Steven Universe ~Nightcrawler (mostly from X-Men Evolution) ~Hans Westergaard (from Frozen. not a huge fan of Frozen itself tho) ~OFF ~Portal ~anything related to languages (esp. Japanese, Italian, German, Russian, and Danish)

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