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Feel free to follow me if you like anime, video games, kittens, writing advice, and funny things. :-) My blog contains occasional profanity, but no porn. I’m female, straight, basically Christian, and politically moderate. I will not force any of these things on you. I’m also over-thirty. I will attempt to keep my scoldings and lectures to a minimum, but I’m a Virgo, so I can’t guarantee that. ;-) I mostly reblog, and I will not remove your comments or attempt to take credit for something that’s not mine. My hobbies include video games, needlework, and writing. I am slowly getting back into anime (still crying over Free!). I am also a Hannibal TV fan. :-) I will tag any related posts as “hannibal” to avoid triggering people. It’s an amazing show, but IT IS NOT for everyone. Pokemon-wise, I have moved on to Pokemon: Omega Ruby. I finally finished the Delta Episode! I’ve been playing Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls on the PS3. I LOVE the Crusader class! Now that I’ve got my Prudence to Expert, she’s starting to get good drops again. :-) I am a cat person. So much. ^_^ Unfortunately, Vincent, my cat companion since May 2008, passed away in April of this year, due to complications from chronic kidney disease. He was 12 years old. :-) A cat like Vincent can never be replaced. I adopted a “successor”, Nemo, the first week of May. He is a young Seal Point Siamese whose background is a mystery - He was dropped off anonymously with no paperwork or tags! Currently having fun discovering all sorts of things about him. Nemo loves to climb, knead and suckle fluffy throws, and race around at 4am. He is fascinated by the TV and looking out every one of our windows. :-) I’ve been formally diagnosed with depression, ADD, and anxiety. My problems are of a degree that I am on SSDI. Just letting you know; it’s not something you’d brag about. :-D Despite having a social sciences degree, some social justice issues make me uncomfortable. They’re just so contentious. Don’t worry, I have a blacklist. ;-) My profile pic/avatar is my story’s main character, and was drawn by Luna Oujo-Sama from Gaia Online. She’s kind of a dark magical girl, really. —–If you ever think about suicide, and don’t believe anyone will miss you, I want you to think about your pets. Suddenly you will be gone and they won’t know why. A person can understand that the pain was too much to bear, but an animal can’t understand. They just know that they love you and you are gone. :-( If you are hurting, please get help. In the US, call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. You are not alone.