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Inspiring, inspirational, moving, motivating… ideas are all around us, it’s just a matter of training our eye to capture a vision. Things that inspire me? Café au lait at a covered outdoor cafe during a rainy day in Paris, la Seine, the sounds of Édith Piaf, fashion history, motivational quotes, a quiet city street on an early Sunday morning, the early morning aromas of the boulangeries in France, fabric, gowns of the 40s, Dior’s New Look from the 50s, minimalist suits of the 90s, beautifully tailored jackets, understated elegance, elegance with an edge, Audrey Hepburn, Valentino, the way a heavy silk fabric drapes to the floor, printed silks of Lyon, Hermès, jacquard, trapunto, texture, things hand-made by artisans, old-fashioned traditions, Lesage, Legeron, Haute Couture, draping, embroidery, passementerie, Mokuba ribbons, M&J, Tinsel Trading, Cartier, San Francisco, the windows of Bergdorf, Henri Bendel, Soho, New York in autumn, street fashion on 7th avenue during the morning commute, Le Bon Marche, Liberty of London, Laduree & the colors of their macaroons, Impressionism, the artistry of French pastry, art supply stores, antique markets, vintage magazines, fashion illustrations, capturing a moment through photography, stationary, clean & modern store displays, store displays with tasteful ungapatchka, vin chaud, the ocean air, the Long Island Sound beach in CT, walking the beach in winter, fresh local seafood & crisp white wine in a small French fishing village, peonies, fields of lavender, wine makers, nature and its amazing colors, the Hollywood red carpet gowns, Rachel Zoe, Stacy London, Clinton Kelly, and all the people who put their hearts into making the world a more beautiful place, inside and out. I decided to start a blog as a place to record beautiful things, images of my upcoming trip to London and Paris, inspiring messages, fashion news, upcoming local events, and as a Personal Fashion Stylist with Rachel Lefort Style, of course useful fashion tips as well! I hope that my inspiration inspires you, too, and that my insights might help someone somewhere, just a little… Rachel Lefort Style http://www.rachellefort.com

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