Hope - benefiting Threading Hope Host: snippyscissors, Quilters: wombatquilts, snippyscissors, sherrylbarnum, bctex06, pmegio Stitchers: skwirler, Bulabean, jdiabd, Sarah M Terry, heather [larkcottons] Bliss - benefiting Wrap Them In Love Host: robinbirdrobin Quilters: brookeali, crafteamama, scrapstudio, robinbirdrobin, eliasisabella68 Stitchers: lel6419, Mollywharton407, Ben_D's quilts, HillaryMcL, Sarah.leeper Peace - benefiting My Very Own Blanket Host: Stephjacobson Quilters: HoogFive, Sterntaler29, stephjacobson, Momma Thomps, Lynnmariewood Stitchers: Daisy Spirits, Kelleigh z, maggielourim, BIgnuttyquilter, RobinSueQuilts Grace - benefiting My Very Own Blanket Host: Jibberish Designs Quilters: Jibberish Designs, quiltfairy33, pigsinpajamas, 2louises quilts, beesaunders Stitchers: Melissews, Savashmom, rachelnelson06, sharonbinwa, LuckyDuckDreams Cherish - benefiting Australian local charities chosen by the individual quilter Host: Cathy Cates (aka CrafteeCC) Quilters: sewgiving, tammysharon, deniserobb1, jackie_mac75 Stitchers: Mad Maddy, ColorBar Quilts, jam_232, Cathy Cates (aka CrafteeCC), Clementine Whimsy, Lisobrien Harmony - benefiting Project Linus Host: finallysewing Quilters: finallysewing, brownbirddesignsquilts, annettezee23, carolpoelman, sewinland Stitchers: chelengeorge, Lois + Dot, Bessielouwells, Sharon Suever, Linda Dyer Care - benefiting local charities Host: Happy Go Lizzie Quilters: Merran2011, Happy Go Lizzie, happidays77, Monique Nugent, aint necessarily sew, vicki loves to sew Stitchers: cat&vee, Oneweebird, Becbelle, hezbez13 Serenity - benefiting Hospice Host: tinkingalong Quilters: ailish L, tinkingalong, Marci Girl Designs, Kelseyevans2, Joandesan Stitchers: Me1issa, Amanda982, shimmyblisster Unite - benefiting Project Linus and Local Charities Host: thirteenquilts Quilters: thirteenquilts, Lobstervb, Laura vanvleet, yayaquilter, Tortiepoints, gpmquilts Stitchers: Nanners1222, Waterbaby_3, bethadeezoo, girlcarew, JulineB Happiness - benefiting Canadian-based Victoria's Quilts and Project Linus Host: createthepoint Quilters: colleenb23, annietwinkletoes (chelsea), PhillipaG Quilts, my_lifeinscrap, createthepoint Stitchers: Retired to Quilt, Principiessa, prairiepatchwork57, coincidentallyquilting, maplespooner Nurture - benefiting Covered in Love Host: PeachPatchQuilts Quilters: kat and cat quilts, PeachPatchQuilts, Down to Sew, Hajana04, keepinginstitches Stitchers: cjpate, shorty97123, laurie_frisch, Lmanna74, nessy_huh Comfort - benefiting various European charities Host: quiltification Quilters: Muriel (doucepoints), zusjeb.blogspot.com, silly banana, quiltification, carol @the running hare, Rineke Nanlohij, StitchedinColor Stitchers: Lizzie Tillstrom, suespatch12, marly_rylaars, DMT139 Emerge - benefiting local charities Host: SouthernCharmQuilts Quilters: SouthernCharmQuilts, Amandadaretodd31,Wanda Dotson, Maggie Norman, CrimsonConfection, rufflespearlsandbows Stitchers: MamaSpark, Lynds0517, TiFoSew, Michelle Recicar, jcrafter, Allisonsews" />
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The do. Good Stitches {a Charity Bee} Pool, with geodata

Welcome! Let’s use our love for color, fabric and stitching to make quilts for children in need. This modern charity quilting bee requires members to be active on Flickr. do. Good Stitches is designed to minimize shipping and fabric costs by working from our own fabric stashes. Each circle makes ONE quilt per month. There are two levels of involvement: Stitchers & Quilters. Stitchers: Every month ALL members complete 2 blocks for their circle. At the beginning of each month Stitchers will receive instructions from the Quilter as to color scheme and block design. The instructions are posted here at the Flickr group in the discussions threads. Blocks will typically measure 12.5 x 12.5″ unfinished. You must share pictures of your completed blocks at our Flickr group. Completed blocks must be mailed to the Quilter by the end of each month, and received by the Quilter by the 10th of the next month. Quilters: Each circle has 5 Quilters. All Quilters make blocks each month, just like a Stitcher. In addition, the Quilters take turns planning, assembling and finishing a quilt once every 5 months. You’ll need to communicate your design to the Stitchers, keeping in mind that they’ll be pulling fabrics from their fabric stash. Once all blocks are received, the Quilter pieces the quilt top, and finishes the charity quilt within 30 days. Share a photo of the finished quilt at our Flickr group. We’ll all be so excited to see it finished! The completed quilt is mailed directly from the Quilter to your circle's charity. Our Circles Love - benefiting Wrap Them In Love Host: Stitched In Color Quilters: Stitched in Color, Ara Jane, Savage Pink, AntstoSugar, Kirianth, Ups & Downs Stitchers: Jenelle@E&A, A Little Gray, Farmama, littlemamaD Hope - benefiting Threading Hope Host: mellenmckee Quilters: wombatquilts, heather [larkcottons], mellenmckee, gracelillian3451 Stitchers: skwirler, Bulabean, jdiabd, mixie's mom, robincampbell4. jess_sews Faith - benefiting Restore Innocence Host: aquilterstable Quilters: Blue.Ridge.Girl, aquilterstable, RhubarbPatch(Anita Peluso), maremare312, Sewing.Wilde Stitchers: sharonbinwa, Lettyb, Red Rainboots Handmade, Me1issa, full hands and hearts, Perfection Not Included Joy - benefiting Canadian-based Victoria's Quilts Host: Jaclynl.bartlett Quilters: Jaclynl.bartlett, NavyRev, becca_tlc, T-to-the-Rock, carlaf2 Stitchers: DonnaMarie4, coincidentallyquilting, HeatherDD, funkyskirt, LilyMama2012 Bliss - benefiting Wrap Them In Love Host: Linda Beth Quilters: Linda Beth, brookeali, Sewing.Wilde, pamelaone, saltyoat Stitchers: lel6419, CraftyRoach, whateverslovely1, alibear167, Jess_sews Peace - benefiting My Very Own Blanket Host: Paula Wessells Quilters: Paula Wessells, HoogFive, Sterntaler29, stephjacobson, Momma Thomps Stitchers: 2mayboys, Megan@Sweet Feet Stitches, Judycsr, Daisy Spirits, Kelleigh z, Blue Bird Sews, Rene' Creates, magpieknits, lynnmariewood, Grace - benefiting My Very Own Blanket Host: LittleandLots Quilters: Jibberish Designs, LittleandLots, quiltfairy33, Sing All You Want, Melissews Stitchers: onelittlethread , rockETgum, rocco78, Katiechristman, bespokeoutlaw Cherish - benefiting Australian-based Needy Stitches Host: KMJ Creations Quilters: KMJ Creations, Nurdan Kulluk, Faffling1, Kathryn_a_j, thequiltmachine Stitchers: Cathy Cates (aka CrafteeCC), Mad Maddy, Schmunter, sewpurplecamels, Curlyque665, evenlypieced Harmony - benefiting Project Linus Host: Colbet9980 Quilters: Colbet9980, durablegoods, vardewoman, sacridote, finallysewing Stitchers: Angelina79, seelifemarvels, LeighLaurelStudios, The Stacey Brown, Belopminata, mn_esota Trust - benefiting My Very Own Blanket Host: three little pumpkins Quilters: Ambernoel!, three little pumpkins, Love Old Houses, Sew BitterSweet Designs, Sew Alex, TheSewingChic Stitchers: Bruinbr, Plum Patchwork, mlwatson2010, Katealicea Empower - benefiting Alternatives for Girls Host: Hello My Name is Quilt Quilters: Hello My Name is Quilt, Kelli W, Watch Meesh Run, Junienone, Caryn211, Kammomile Stitchers: HeatherSue10, Carrie BC, Brookquilt, Raechel T Care - benefiting local charities Host: Happy Go Lizzie Quilters: Daisy & Jack, Merran2011, Happy Go Lizzie, TickleandHide, happidays77, Monique Nugent Stitchers: Lucy Fleur, cat&vee, bluebeehive, Wooden spoon Heal - benefiting Hospice Host: xx Nicke Quilters: xx Nicke, QuiltsByEmily, stayathomelibrarian, shimmyblisster, sew_fantastic, birdydanana, KelseySews, carlaf2 Stitchers: cknitress, kylnq, raqueltencza, tinkingalong Believe - benefiting My Very Own Blanket Host: Studio Dragonfly Quilters: Nicolehc, Studio Dragonfly, Laura VanVleet, ormondbeach Stitchers: Ellie Q, Ben_D's quilts, meg.yoder, The Days Dewings, girlcarew, Pixiespit Cheer - benefiting Project Linus Host: thirteenquilts Quilters: FreeRangeKnitter, bethadeezoo, thirteenquilts, seemaryquilt, bluprint textiles Stitchers: partyofeight, Caribousmom, Nanners1222, Scampers14, jess_makes Happiness - benefiting Canadian-based Victoria's Quilts and Project Linus Host: colleenb23 Quilters: colleenb23, Lil Pig Designs, annietwinkletoes (chelsea), HeatherDD, Kirstin40 Stitchers: Retired to Quilt, arquilters, Principiessa, prairiepatchwork57, createthepoint Promise - benefiting Threading Hope Host: eschbaugh Quilters: eschbaugh, My studioQ. ailish L, Lyanna J, modern parti quilts Stitchers: Brenda e 1, Kim Kolb Quilts, Marci Girl Designs, msminnesota, rar77 Nurture - benefiting Covered in Love Host: I'm Feelin' Crafty Quilters: I'm Feelin' Crafty, kat and cat quilts, zaydia {modernbiasblog.com}, purplepoppydesigns, Dhia Peach Stitchers: MsSpy, brightlittlefish, pedalsewlightly, jackiebenedetti, libbyblack Haven - benefiting Alternatives for Battered Women Host: Hohnstreiter_Ohana Quilters: Down to Sew, CosbyGryffin, Courtiepie, Small Town Threads, danetteriddle Stitchers: Cyclingjanes, Hohnstreiter_Ohana, scrappinsassy, spontaneousthreads, *nestedinstitches* Comfort - benefiting various European charities Host: DutchComfort, Quilters: DutchComfort, Muriel (doucepoints), Lotje M, zusjeb.blogspot.com, silly banana Stitchers: molsig, Alphenquilts, Asarlieve, Coser Tejer Crear, quiltification Together - benefiting various UK charities Host: Thewoolpalace Quilters: Thewoolpalace, carol @the running hare, sarah.duckegg, by niveas Stitchers: svea p, finally waking up, Jo Jo 33, suespatch12, Wboothboyd Humility - benefiting Junior's House Host: gingersnapsquilts Quilters: gingersnapsquilts, Bvselby, Jmzblnd, Tiffiefay, sewKristen Stitchers: cjpate, rubyg2011, carlaf2, Jmkerkhoff11, fishstickdesigns Aspire - benefiting Enchanted Makeovers Host: Fiber of all Sorts Quilters: Fiber of all Sorts, HoosierToni, karriofberries, Whatsonemoreproject~Cindy, karrilrobinson Stitchers: craftteamama, pamelaone, Loop Swoop & Sew, annemod, LuckyDuckDreams Emerge - benefiting Youth Emergency Services Host: ScrapStudio Quilters: ScrapStudio, jcrafter, AllisonSews, Amandadaretodd31, betsyramm Stitchers: luxxiasews, MamaSpark, Wanda Dotson, Lynds0517, TiFoSew, windowshopmom