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(Cupcake Katie B's) Eye Candy

What you can expect: A seemingly random selection of images I find aesthetically appealing, arousing, intriguing, and inspirational. These things tend to orbit around the salacious, the unusual, and the provocative. Film, nostalgia, fashion, comics, bondage, music, graveyards, dolls, pulp art/novels, pin-ups, monsters, cheesecake, burlesque, stag, mermaids, flowers, kittens, literature, photography, make-up, erotica, kitsch, occult, fetish, vintage porno, smoking, sin, booze and beauty are common themes. (As is the case with other blogs I don’t own any of these images except the ones of myself, my art and a few scans- which will be specified.) This blog has a lot of nudity and sexual themes but, then again you probably shouldn’t be blogging at work anyway! ;) Simply put- these are things I enjoy. XOXO Cupcake