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RC 1/10th scale Dominator

I have watched @reedtimmer and the rest of his team fly RC drones into storms. I also know that the DOMs are like the safest thing to drive into a tornado, but when you get those F-5 tornados that are too dangerous for even the Dominators to intercept, why not an unmanned small scale RC Dominator, or moving probe. It's would not be that hard to weld metal around the Axial Wraith in the same design as the DOMs, and to add some rubber lining to the bottom, it would quickly become almost as aerodynamic (on a small scale!) as the DOMs. Some LED light bars by RC4WD would enable you to be able to see at night. The interior could house instruments that would store the data that it would be collecting the whole time during intercept. Yes, their would be room for a GoPro camera that would look through a small pexi-glass window. And if all else fails, have a GPS tracking device on-board to track it if it gets caught into the tornado! Their are a few reasons i would recommend the Axial Wraith: 1. Good top speed of 10-30 MPH with the right battery. 2. Very tough (it even has an extremely durable roll cage!). 3. Big enough to house weather instruments and GoPro cameras, yet small enough to easily transport. 4. This truck accepts modifications very well, from lift kits to a wide variety of tires. ---------- If anybody else has ideas, support or comments, just leave a post below! Photos provided by AxialRacing inc.