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Sick Pervy Magma

Caryl! Formerly starshone-storm. Female. Twenty-four. Kiwipina. Lesbian. Film, theater, and second language education grad. Publicist, admin, actor. 2010 WDW ICP. Gogglehead. Queuing and attempts to reblog from the poster of the most recent content I found interesting. Original content mostly limited to gifs, writing, edits, fancasts, and my face. Sometimes I cosplay, sing, or record podfic. Multiple fandoms including but by no means limited to Uncharted, Mass Effect, Haven, DC and Marvel comics, Disney (particularly High School Musical and Walt Disney World), Tomb Raider 2013, Life is Strange, Avatar (benders), Final Fantasy VIII, X, and XIII, and Digimon. I’m on Goodreads and Grouvee! Top five theatrical productions and video games; reading recs. Note for giveaway blogs: I have a US forwarding address.