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How to get NNTP Bridge working

As mentioned in THIS  [http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/45938ac5-5484-465b-8289-8352573dae0c/forums-release-with-nntp-bridge-october-29-2013?forum=announce]thread: In order to get NNTP working properly, if you are a Bridge user please go to "My settings" under "Quick access" and ensure that you have the "Use NNTP Bridge" setting selected. In order to have the Bridge authentication work correctly (even if you have this setting already selected) all users will need to click the "Save changes" button. This will ensure that the authentication credentials are stored properly.  ~~~Make sure you also have the updated version of the Bridge, this can be found HERE [https://communitybridge.codeplex.com/releases/]~~~ Forums Program Manager