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Vans The Omega

Roughly based in Adelaide Australia, Vans the Omega has been creating & painting letterforms for over two decades, which has seen him, travel around the globe consistently since 2000. Most of his influences have come from ancient scripts, Architecture, engineering, nature & the idea of movement or balance. Recognised for his attention to detail & search for perfection within letter structure, technique & life has put Vans the Omega in the spot light worldwide & helped to advance the way in which the art form is painted along side his other TMD members & extended family of writers around the planet. Currently the mix of sharp highly technical machine like shapes, seemingly impossible patterns mixed with a traditional graffiti aesthetic based on sound foundations are blending to produce new innovative works which continue to push the boundaries on a world scale & propel his own desires to reinvent & perfect his craft on a daily level. Well versed in a number of disciplines from Design, Photography, Clothing & moving image keeps the ideas & endless possibilities rolling inside this artists head with no end in sight. Stay tuned for the next two decades of progression.