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Open Reading Periods: May 1st - September 15th; November 1st - March 15th Mount Island Magazine is a venue for distinctive literature, visual art, and music by critically aware artists from diverse backgrounds. By "critically aware artists", we mean those who partner artistic practice with an earnest understanding of what historical and material systems influence their creative subjects. In the service of that same understanding, we gather and showcase work in forms that often seem like enemy combatants, but are in fact blood buddies: the traditional, the experimental, and the decidedly radical—we believe they can share a room together. Maybe even kiss. To better understand the kind of work we're looking for, we suggest reading the current issue [http://www.mountisland.com/], but here are some less passive-aggressive suggestions: Get pushy, and make it memorable. Turn the world upside down and shake it till it's puking bees; jam a needle in your ear for safekeeping; stir the pot and force-feed us. FALL 2015 THEME: FOLKLORE We're trying on a theme for our third issue! Just this old thing called FOLKLORE. Does it make us look fat enough? We've got a big date with a witch. So, if you please, send us stories, poetry, essays, and art inspired by the folk traditions of fairy tales, fables, legends, tall tales and so on. Both new inventions and retellings of classic tales are welcome, and we hope for submissions that represent a wide array of cultural traditions. Every place has its folk, and every folk has its lore. Urban legends, subverted lore, feminist fairy tales, incantations, poison vials, changelings, shape shifters, hungry ghosts, murder ballads—pack up them and any other strangelings you conjure, and get thee to Mount Island. Submissions to our standard categories are free of charge. If you'd like to submit when our readings periods are closed, you may use our Tip Jar category for a fee of $3. Expedited responses to submissions are available for $5. - We only accept work that has not been previously published. We do read simultaneous submissions, but please notify us immediately if your piece has been accepted elsewhere. - Pretty please, only send us one submission at a time, and wait until you've received our decision before submitting more work. - We aim to respond within 3-5 months, but feel free to check in with us at MTISLANDEDITORS[AT]GMAIL.COM if we take longer. If for some reason you decide to withdraw your submission from review, please do so via Submittable.   [https://duotrope.com/account/reportsub.aspx]

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