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SUPPORT ME ON PATREON! For more writing, streams, and videos! Hello y'all. My name is Lucy Zephyr, your local Social Justice Rogue. She/her, 25, cis, queer as all fucking hell. I write the stories that make the folks fall like dominos. This blog is fandom-centric, aggressively sex and kink positive, very socialist, and is as safe a space as I can make it. I’m really into xenobiology, faeries, and collars. My sexuality is the bass line in “Do I Wanna Know?” I’m a bit of a tea snob. My URL is a line from Richard Siken’s You Are Jeff. Ask me to read Siken to you sometime, I’m super easy to that action. I write a bit. If you’ve been in the Dresden Files or Rooster Teeth RPF fandoms, you may know my long, pretentious drivel. My fic can be found here. I answer questions about writing here. Outright pretentious meta is over here. I’m always open the questions about writing or fandom history. I also stream video games. I’m told I have a very soothing voice. I also curse like a sailor. My Twitch is here, and my Youtube channel that backs up the major streams is here. For those so inclined to help out a poor college student with hilariously awful luck, my Paypal is dmfromfla at gmail. Anything that’s kicked my way tends to go to either paying my rent or buying a decent meal.