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La Donna Ingenua

You can call me LDI. I am girl who is in process. A writer first & always. An adventurer. A reader. Oh, a reader. A blogger, too. I love: Michelle Dockery, Downton Abbey, but many other fandoms too. It’s no coincidence my first fanfic was titled “Grace.” Grace is how I keep on going. Grace is what gets me through. I want this to be a blog of grace (& of course, fun). I’m a sucker for good looking men with accents. Once, I moved across the country without knowing a soul. Please feel free to pop in & say hello. Let’s be friends. We’ll have a lattè–did I mention though born & bred in the states, I’m Italian & the food, the language, the culture are pure joys to me? We’ll have our lattès & talk–writing, books, adventures, how beautifully messy life can be, you name it. xx, LDI

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