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Hudson Valley Click

The general idea behind Hudson Valley CLICK is to arrange for models, stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers and of course, photographers to shoot in a variety of interesting locations and themes. The kind of thing that would be difficult and perhaps too costly to do alone. At the heart of all this is education... Education to become better at which ever of the above disciplines applies to you. But, as a lighting and photography group, the educational emphasis will always be on photography. Education is primarily provided by each other. Sharing knowledge, giving tips and explaining techniques at each shoot out to anyone who wants to listen, watch, or participate. All are expected to be professional, cordial, courteous and helpful to everyone who attends. Every now and again we will have a guest photographer who's specific purpose is to teach and when that comes about, the events will be announced as such. The second important aspect of HV CLICK is all about networking. We are expecting everyone to keep the talented people they meet at our events in mind when paying gigs come up that could present opportunities for other photogs, models, makeup, hair, wardrobe or the various sites where we gather. And thirdly... we are out to have a fun time and make some new friends in the biz!!! If you're ever in the NY Tristate area and looking to have some fun. Come check out one of our monthly themed shoots.

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