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Growth in cost of a supermarket shop finally slows down, card spending data shows - but shrinkflation is here to stay

Almost a third of shoppers said they were worried about shortages of tea, after reports that some stores are struggling to stock the product due to Houthi strikes on vessels in the Red Sea.


Good news as energy bills are set to fall to to their lowes...el in TWO YEARS - but will still cost the average home £1,635

The average home currently pays £1,928 a year for gas and electricity bills as they are on a tariff regulated by the Ofgem price cap. But experts now think this will fall to £1,635 a year from ...


How much SHOULD you spend on Valentine's Day? And how you m...rribly wrong... Money psychotherapist VICKY REYNAL reveals all

Valentine's Day offers an opportunity to express our love or interest in someone through a gesture - usually with a price tag attached. However, for many, it's a stressful day.


How British and US attacks on Red Sea rebels could affect YOU, from savings and holidays to the cost of filling up your car

Major shipping disruption in the Red Sea will trigger price rises in the UK, experts warn. From food prices to energy bills and interest rates, here are the areas of your household budget likely ...