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You may have already heard about Invisible Boyfriend [https://invisibleboyfriend.com/] (and its counterpart, Invisible Girlfriend), a new service that allows lonely hearts and hilarious [http://www.businessinsider.com/invisible-boyfriend-lets-you-fake-a-relationship-2015-1] bloggers [http://www.thefrisky.com/2015-01-20/for-just-25-this-fake-boyfriend-will-be-more-attentive-than-your-real-boyfriend/] alike to purchase a custom-designed imaginary significant other. For a mere $25, you can choose the name, photo, personality and location (it doesn’t have to be Canada, but it can be) of your fake boo, and even invent your own backstory. Maybe you met while rescuing him from a van full of kidnappers, maybe you met on Tinder. You choose. But that’s not all you get for your fee: Michael or Troy or Prince Reinheld of Luxembourg or whatever you choose to name your love will send you selfies, voicemails, dozens of text messages and one handwritten letter, because this computer-based beau is an old-school romantic. Now, however, the team behind Invisible Boyfriend is looking to take their service to the next level: they want more and more photos of real looking people – because no one is going to believe you’re long-distance dating the modern equivalent of the photos that come in the frame – so they are soliciting selfies [https://invisibleboyfriend.com/photos/selfies] from real people. Anyone can submit a photo; they are looking for all ages and races and body types. If your photo is chosen, Invisible Boyfriend will pay you for future photos and even send you a commemorative t-shirt. Besides being the perfect way for your vain little cousin to finally monetize all those pictures of her faux surprise face, this is a perfect set up for a highly watchable romantic comedy and/or future Vows column. Picture it: the real face behind an Invisible Boyfriend unknowingly meets his phony girlfriend – and sparks fly. Will he be jealous of her mysterious absentee partner? Will she admit that they are already intimately acquainted? Can he live up to the handwritten letter penned by his make-believe doppelganger? How will she explain to friends and family that her long-distance boyfriend John is suddenly a local named Ryan? And will he be able to get over the idea that she purchased him; that she tried to buy his love? It all comes to a head during a tearful fight where he demands that she really see him, but ends in the Invisible Boyfriend offices, surrounded by other Invisible Boyfriends and Invisible Girlfriends, who all stand and cheer as this now-real boyfriend and girlfriend become man and wife. Visible Boyfriend, starring Hillary Duff. Premiering this summer on ABC Family.